Creating products and services, designing
and launching brands, and developing consumer experiences for over 15 years.


I evaluate, define, and evolve digital products and services across device types and contexts — creating intuitive, delightful, and differentiated consumer experiences.

Product + Service Design
As a designer, I have a natural curiosity and am constantly observing how people interact with the people and world around them. Design research is a natural extension of this curiosity, and is vital to clarify the fuzzy front end. I embed myself in the domain to identify opportunity spaces and discover consumer insights, working as a strategic driver to envision new products/services/systems and create/implement end-to-end experiences. I thrive in ambiguity and complexity, always facilitating and shaping conversations that push towards innovation.

Experience Strategy + Product Definition
I’m a hands-on creative lead that guides teams of designers through all phases of product development, from design research and concept development to MVP definition, production, and launch. I love figuring out what’s next.

Team Building + Management
I build cross-disciplinary teams from scratch, grounded in a culture of collaboration, fluidity, and healthy respect for a distinct point of view. My management approach is direct and open, with a dose of humility and dry sense of humor. The vision is only as strong as the people that support it — I believe constant communication in a sea of flux is necessary to keep teams focused and inspired.